How to Withdraw Classes

Starting the third week of the Fall and Spring Semester, students will have to submit a request for a Non-Medical or Medical Withdrawal ( in new window ). Please refer to the Registration Guide or Registration Calendar for Winter and Summer session withdrawal dates. Both Non-Medical and Medical Withdrawal requires documentation supporting student’s claim. Acceptable documentation varies for Non-Medical Withdrawal but can include a schedule, written statement, etc. A Medical Withdrawal requires documentation from a medical provider and will be automatically denied if not submitted with petition (refer to Guidelines for Medical Documentation). The decision to approve or deny a Non-Medical Withdrawal will be made by the instructor and Department Chair of the course. The decision to approve or deny a Medical Withdrawal will be made by a medical committee. Students will be notified by email regarding the final decision. It is the responsibility of the student to notify their professor or Department Chair about the withdrawal request if more than a week has passed without any notification. If approved, the student will receive a grade of W for Non-Medical and Medical. The medical withdrawal will not count in the 18-Unit withdrawal limit.