Individual appointment times will be available on Titan Online beginning on October 4, 2023.

Titan Registration Appointments
Description Date
Window 1
Graduation Candidates, Postbaccalaureate, Credential, Certificate, Graduate Students and EIP special groups
October 30 - 31
Window 2
California Promise (Freshmen and Transfer Students)
November 1
Window 3
Seniors (only 4/24/2023 for 2BA students)
November 2 - 6
Window 4 
November 7 - 9
Window 5
November 10 - 13
Window 6
Continuing Freshmen and Postbaccalaureate
November 14 - 16
Window 7
Newly admitted Spring 2024 students
November 27



Titan Online is available 24/7. You may register beginning at your assigned appointment and continue accessing registration an unlimited number of times until the end of Titan registration. Please verify your schedule prior to the beginning of the semester.



For registration assistance, call (657) 278-7601.

Helpline hours: Monday- Friday from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. 



  • Titan Online is available 24/7. You may register beginning with your assigned appointment and continue accessing registration an unlimited number of times until the end of TITAN registration.
  •  To view your registration appointment, sign onto Titan Online and access your Student Homepage.
  • The Class Schedule is up-to-date in real-time and available online.
  • Once you have performed any type of r egistration activity, you should confirm your schedule by visiting your schedule from your Student Homepage.
  • All HOLDS must be cleared three business days prior to your registration appointment.
  • DEADLINES for adding/dropping clas ses are listed on Spring 2024 Semester Calendar
  • For fee refund information, go to http://sbs.fullerton.eduOpens in new window .
  • Waitlisting is available to all colleges. If a course is full, you may tr y to obtain a place in the class by getting on the waitlist. As space in the class becomes available, your name will advance on the waitlist. If enough students drop the course, you may be automatically enrolled from the waitlist. Please review "How Waitlisting Works" and "Waitlist Restrictions."



Check your student center in Titan Online for your registration appointment date/time and for any holds on your record. All holds must be cleared prior to your TITAN registration appointment.



Undergraduates are limited to a maximum of 18 units during TITAN registration. Credential students are limited to a maximum of 19 units during TITAN registration. Classified graduate students not in a Credential Program are limited to 13 units; special permission from the designated Graduate Program Adviser is needed if a student wants to add more units.  



For newly admitted students, a "one-time-use" 6 digit number Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned to you. After accessing your Student Portal with the PIN, you will be asked to create a password. This password will be used for Student Portal access including registration throughout your enrollment at CSUF. If you need assistance with your username or password, select the "need help signing in?" link immediately below the "sign in" button on the CSUF Portal Sign In web page.



Appointment dates and times for registration are based on class level and on units earned for all participants. The date indicated in your Student Center represents the first date you can access Titan Online to enroll in classes. If you attempt to register before your assigned date and time, you will not be granted access.



Any holds will be listed on your Student Homepage. All holds must be cleared prior to your TITAN registration appointment.



If a class for which you have registered is cancelled by the department, you will receive an email notification at your CSUF email address. You may attempt to add another class during TITAN registration on or after your appointment time.



If grading for a course is listed as "Undergraduate Student Option", the course may be taken either for a letter grade (A,B,C,D) or as credit/no credit. If no option is chosen, the course will default to letter grade. Certain faculty designated courses may solely be taken as graded or as credit/no credit. To change the option from letter grade to Credit/No Credit or from Credit/No Credit to a letter grade, use the pull down menu under "Grading" at the time you enroll in the class. Grade option changes can be made online through approximately the second week of classes. The deadline is published on the Registration CalendarOpens in new window



Some courses have course prerequisites (see Class Notes in the online class schedule) which, if not met, will result in you being unable to register for the course or being dropped by the instructor.



Some courses have corequisites (see Class Notes in the online class schedule). You must register for the corresponding corequisite during the same registration transaction. Failure to do so may result in you being disenrolled from the course.



Some courses have test score prerequisites which, if not met, will result in you being unable to register for the course. Refer to the Placement ExaminationsOpens in new window section.


How Do I Access the Student Homepage?

The Student Homepage (formerly Student Center) is your gateway for updating contact information, checking admission status, viewing holds and to-do lists, enrolling in classes, paying fees and charges, checking financial aid status, viewing your unofficial transcript and more.

1. Log on to the campus portal.

View instructions on accessing the campus portal.Opens in new window

2.  Locate the "Titan Online" widget and click on "Student Homepage". Or click on the "PeopleSoft Apps" shortcut and select "Student Homepage".

Student home page

  1. Locate the Titan Online widget on your portal homepage.
  2. Click on Student Homepage.
  3. You can also click on the PeopleSoft Apps shortcut menu.
  4. Then click on Student Homepage.

3. You're now on your Student Homepage

Student Tuffy page 45

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at StudentITHelpDesk@fullerton.eduOpens in new window  or 657-278-8888 for additional assistance.


Student Homepage Fluid Navigation Overview

This article covers the basics of the fluid navigation on the Student Homepage in Titan Online.


Fluid Navigation and Mobile Devices

Fluid navigation uses the latest technology (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3) to enable Titan Online fluid pages to scale gracefully from large screen devices, such as desktops, to the reduced viewing space of smartphones and tablets. This means that the way you navigate stays consistent across devices, making it easier to access your Student Homepage from any device.


Student Homepage fluid Navigation overview

Tuffy Navigate 47


Waitlisting is available in the first week of the semester. If a course is full, you may try to obtain a place in the class by placing yourself on the waitlist. There is no guarantee that a space will become available in a class that is full.  As space in the class becomes available, your name will advance on the waitlist. If enough students drop the course, you may be automatically enrolled from the waitlist.   

Last day to enroll from the waitlist is Sunday January 28, 2024. 



  1. The online waitlisting feature will cease to function with the end of the first week of class, but the waitlist will be retained for informational purposes for the instructor. There is no guarantee that the instructor will enroll you for the course even if you are on the waitlist.
  2. Many classes offer waitlisting with the exception of 495, 499, 595, 598 and 599 classes.
  3. The standard waitlist limit for each class is 15 students; this is regardless of the class limit. Some classes may have different waitlist limits based on department discretion.
  4. You can waitlist for a maximum of 8 units, provided that each course's waitlist is not already full. (Note: Waitlisted units are not included toward your enrollment unit limit. Once you successfully get into the class, then the units will count towards your enrollment unit limit.)
  5. You must meet any requisites for the class before you can be placed on the waitlist, e.g., course prerequisites, section co-requisites, major and class level restrictions.
  6. Students cannot waitlist the same lecture section or the same lab section more than once.
  7. If a seat becomes available, the student first on the waitlist will get the seat (subject to the restrictions below).
  8. Students will be moved from the waitlist into the class if other students drop or are dropped due to non-payment of fees.
  9. If students drop, seats will not be available to students who happen to log in if there is someone
    on the waitlist.
  10. If you are moved from the waitlist into the class, you will receive an email notification.
  11. You can waitlist ONE section of the same course. If you are enrolled in a class, you will not be able to waitlist into other seciton of the same class. If you prefer to enroll in a different section of a class, you must first drop the class that you are enrolled in to be eligible to be waitlisted in another section of the same class. 
  12. You will not be billed for waitlisted classes but will be billed if moved from a waitlist into a class and the additional units result in higher registration fees. It is important to check your class schedule and account summary regularly to avoid possible cancellation due to a newly added class(es).
  13. If you are moved from the waitlist into a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class (as with any other class) if you decide not to attend. Failure to do so will result in a 'WU' grade on your record, which will lower your grade point average.
  14. There is no guarantee you will be moved off the waitlist and enrolled into the class. Once the process to move students from the waitlist has run for the final time, instructors are not required to add students who were waitlisted for the class. With the exception of CPSC (Computer Science), who uses alternative criteria to determine waitlist priority after the first day of class. Please see the department for more details.



Students will be moved from the waitlist into the class if space becomes available and in the order placed, unless any of the following restrictions apply:

  1. There is a time conflict with another registered class. Since potential time conflicts are not checked when you place yourself on a waitlist, you should ensure that waitlisted classes do not conflict with your enrolled schedule.
  2. Do not use waitlisting to try to get into another section of a course in which you are already enrolled, as you will not be moved from the waitlist if space becomes available. You will need to choose whether to take a chance and place yourself on the waitlist of the full section in the hope that space becomes available or remain enrolled in the section you have already scheduled.
  3. Enrollment from waitlist will exceed student's maximum unit limit for the term. Unit limits are viewable in the Student Center under enrollment details.

If you cannot be moved from the waitlist, for any of the reasons given above, you will be skipped and the next student considered. You will not be reconsidered until the next time space becomes available in the class. Check your schedule regularly in your Student Homepage to monitor your position on a waitlist. If you decide you no longer wish to wait for space to become available, you should drop yourself from a waitlist.



A departmental permit is required to add a closed class.



While class attendance is not recorded officially by the university, regular attendance in class is often essential to success in a course. Policy on class attendance is within the discretion of the individual faculty member, who shall announce the policy at the first class meeting of the semester.

It is especially important that students attend the first meeting of a class. Students absent from the first meeting without notification to the instructor or departmental office within 24 hours after class may be denied admission to the class. Instructors may deny admission to absentees in order to admit persons on waiting lists. A student who registers for a class and whose name appears on the first-day-of-class list should attend all class meetings the first week (five class days). For students enrolled in online or hybrid courses, meetings are defined as logging on to the course on the Learning Management System (e.g., Canvas). If a student decides not to continue enrollment in a class, either before or after instruction begins, it is a student's responsibility to follow the appropriate procedures for dropping the class; however, if a student is absent without notifying the instructor or departmental office within 24 hours after any meeting missed during the first week, the student may be dropped administratively from the class by the instructor. Students should not assume that this will be done for them and should take the responsibility to ensure that they have been dropped by following the appropriate procedures for dropping classes. An instructor may also administratively drop a student who does not meet prerequisites for the course. These administrative withdrawals shall be without penalty if submitted by Monday, February 5, 2024.



Final examinations will take place Saturday, May 11 through Friday, May 17. Final examinations are scheduled for one hour and 50 minutes unless special arrangements are made by the instructor with the dean of the college. Students shall confirm with their instructor regarding the date and time of their final examination. Students should consider the final examination schedule when selecting courses.

To view the final exam schedule for your classes, visit https://www.fullerton.edu/scheduling/final-exam-schedule/index.html 



Final Examinations Special Course Exam Hours
Course Day Date Time
ACCT 201B MONDAY MAY 13, 2024 9:00 - 10:50AM
MATH 115 TUESDAY MAY 14, 2024 3:00 - 4:50PM
MATH 115A TUESDAY MAY 14, 2024 3:00 - 4:50PM
MATH 115B TUESDAY MAY 14, 2024 3:00 - 4:50PM
MATH 125 TUESDAY MAY 14, 2024 3:00 - 4:50PM
ACCT 201A THURSDAY MAY 16, 2024 7:00 - 8:50AM

Academic departments interested in using these special exam periods must obtain approval from the appropriate college dean and the associate vice president for Academic Programs prior to scheduling the exam or notifying students. Arrangements must be made for Friday evening classes to use a special exam period.



Students taking Friday evening classes will take final examinations at their regular class times on Friday, May 17. Students taking Saturday or Sunday classes will take final examinations at their regular class times on Saturday, May 11 or Sunday, May 12.



For a traditional view of the final exam schedule, visit https://www.fullerton.edu/scheduling/final-exam-schedule/index.html Once established, the final examination schedule may not be changed unless approved by department and program chair and the dean of the college. Makeup final examinations may be given for reasons of illness, verified emergency, or other serious and compelling reasons approved by the instructor. An instructor shall not shorten the academic semester by scheduling an in-class final examination before the week scheduled for final examinations. No major examinations shall be given during the last week of the semester that is scheduled for instruction unless there is also to be a final examination at the time assigned in the Class Schedule.



When a take home final examination (or paper/ project) is due during the final exam period, it shall be due no earlier than the day scheduled for the final examination in that class.



Final examinations for online courses, whether they are delivered asynchronously online (i.e., not within a specified time block), synchronously online (i.e., within a specified time block), or face-to-face, must be completed no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2024.


If you want to register in an independent study course, you must obtain written approval from the instructor and the department chair using the appropriate university form. During the semester, you and the instructor shall prepare a study plan and submit it to the department chair, or designee, for approval. The approved study plan shall be kept on file in the department or program office and shall include a statement of the basis for final evaluation of the independent study.

You may not take more than six units of independent study at the undergraduate level in a given semester or apply more than nine units of independent study toward completion of the undergraduate degree. If you are a graduate student, you may not apply more than six units of independent study toward the completion of a graduate degree unless written approval is obtained by the appropriate college dean.

Lower-division students normally enroll in Independent Study 299, upper division students in 499; and graduate students in 599, respectively. Independent study courses may be repeated.



Earn course credit while gaining practical experience related to your major by registering for an academic internship or service-learning course. Check your department for requirements and prerequisites. Be sure to start early (sometimes a semester ahead), especially if an academic internship is a graduation requirement for your major. Many placements are available at businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies at locations throughout southern California and opportunities may also be available out of state or overseas.

Experiential learning opportunities are high impact practices that allow students to expand their knowledge, apply theories and skills learned in the classroom, prepare for successful entry into the job market, and develop as socially responsible citizens. Participating in high impact practices like internships and service-learning can keep students on track for graduation, and prepare them for meaningful careers. Additionally, academic internship and service-learning courses offer opportunities for students to:

  • Build your résumé / portfolio
  • Gain work and service experiences
  • Network and develop industry contacts
  • Earn academic credit
  • Solidify academic and career goals
  • Possibly earn money while learning
  • Explore various career options within a major
  • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility
  • Become engaged in your community and the issues that matter to you.

To learn more about the opportunities available within your major, contact your department of study or visit the CICE website at www.fullerton.edu/ciceOpens in new window . You can also call us at (657) 278-3746.



The stop-out policy allows undergraduate students and postbaccalaureate unclassified non-credential graduate students to be absent for one semester and maintain their continuing student status. This includes election of catalog requirements for graduation and eligibility to register for the next semester. Disqualified students, foreign visa students, students on leaves approved for more than one year and students without approved leaves who are absent for more than one semester must apply for readmission should they wish to return to Cal State Fullerton. Service members who are called to active duty or deployed should check with the Veteran's Resource Center at (657) 278-2373.




A leave of absence may be granted based on certain documented extenuating circumstances and normally is granted for not more than one year. Students must be in good academic standing and must have completed one semester at this university. A leave of absence is not granted in order for a student to return to a community college to take coursework for financial or academic reasons. An approved leave of absence authorizes the student to return without reapplying to the university and continue under the catalog requirements prior to the absence. Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate unclassified graduate students on approved leaves of one year (two academic semesters) or less are eligible to register for the semester immediately following the end of the leave. Complete and submit the Request for Leave of Absence online by Census Date for the semester the leave of absence is being submitted.



Graduate degree or credential students may be granted leaves of absence, up to two consecutive semesters, which maintain their place in the university and in degree or credential programs (i.e., they do not have to reapply following the leave). A leave of absence granted to a degree objective student also preserves the election of curriculum rights regarding catalog requirements. However, a leave of absence granted by the university does not extend time limitations imposed by the state for completing specific credential requirements nor does it extend the time limit for completing the master's or doctorate degree.

In the case of non-approved breaks in enrollment, reapplication for admission to the university and to the chosen degree or credential program will be required. A place in the degree/credential program or in the university will not be held for the student in these circumstances.

Forms for requesting a leave of absence are available on the Graduate Studies website: Graduate Studies Office. Students must have completed at least six units toward the degree or credential in residence at this university in order to qualify for leaves of absence. Leaves of absence must be submitted before the first day of classes.



A student enrolled at the university may enroll concurrently for additional courses at another CSU campus only with advance written approval and by filing a concurrent enrollment form with Office of the Registrar. Certain restrictions apply when a quarter-system campus is involved. Permission will not be granted when the study list in the proposed combined program exceeds units authorized for full-time study. Students may enroll concurrently at institutions outside the CSU system without special permission or forms.



The Center for Careers in Teaching (EC-379) is available to assist students who do not yet have a bachelor's degree and are planning to become teachers. For further information call (657) 278-7130, email askcct@ fullerton.eduOpens in new window or go to: http://ed.fullerton.edu/cctOpens in new window .

If you currently possess a bachelor's degree, you should attend a Credential Overview to learn more about each Teacher Education Credential Program. Overview schedules are available at http://ed.fullerton.edu/cct/eventsOpens in new window .



Open University Enrollment allows students not currently admitted to CSUF to take courses from the regular (state-support) university schedule of degree classes.

Individuals may request to enroll in courses at the undergraduate level (100-400 level) where they have read course descriptions and can acknowledge they meet the stated prerequisites or have completed the equivalent of those courses. Some academic departments may ask to see an unofficial transcript at the approval level.

Graduate-level courses (500 level) require additional consultation and approvals before an individual may start the request-to-add permission process. Individuals consult directly with the graduate advisor/program before requesting to add this type of course. Individuals may not enroll into any 600-level doctoral courses through Open University.

Although students may request to add closed or wait-listed classes, Open University Enrollment is on a space-available basis, after admitted students have had the opportunity to enroll.

A maximum of 24 units earned through Open University may count towards a bachelor's degree at CSUF. Credit earned through Open University may not be used to fulfill the residence requirements (30 semester units) for a bachelor's degree at CSUF. For graduate degrees at CSUF, normally 9 units may apply. Individuals should consult the graduate department advisor. Disqualified (DQ) undergraduate students from CSUF may not enroll in more than six (6) units in Spring, Summer, or Fall terms and no more than three (3) units in a Winter term. Participation in Open University enrollment does not constitute admission to the university.

Information is available at http://extension.fullerton.edu/ouOpens in new window . Individuals enrolling through Open University may contact an advisor with questions at ouadvising@fullerton.eduOpens in new window or schedule an appointment, if necessary, at https://extension.fullerton.edu/ou/advising.aspxOpens in new window