Candidates for the baccalaureate degree must file an application for a graduation check one year (two semesters) prior to the semester in which they anticipate completing all requirements for a degree. Undergraduate candidates for May 2024 must apply for graduation by February 4, 2024. Complete information and instructions about the entire graduation check process for undergraduates are available at  https://records.fullerton.edu/graduation/index.php.

Candidates for May 2024 master's and doctorate degrees must file a request for a graduation check on or before February 12, 2024. The form to accomplish this is available on your Student Homepage under "Self Service" (click on Other Academics).

A change in anticipated date of graduation may be requested by emailing the Evaluation Unit of the Office of the Registrar at gradunit@fullerton.eduOpens in new window for undergraduate students, or  by contacting the Graduate Studies Office (CP-950) for graduate students.

Graduation Requirements for the BACHELOR'S DEGREE 

The university requires that you accomplish many different objectives to graduate. The following is a
checklist of graduation requirements.

  1. Complete your general education requirements. It is recommended that you include one or more GE courses each semester.
  2. Complete your major requirements – both units and courses and minimum course grades, if specified.
  3. Complete your electives, if needed.
  4. Complete the minimum number of units (120 or 132) in the bachelor's degree.
  5. Complete at least 40 units of upper division courses (300 and 400 level).
  6. Complete at least 30 of your total units in residence (at least 24 of the 30 must be upper division and at least 12 of the 24 must be in your major).
  7. Satisfy the Upper Division Baccalaureate Writing Requirement.
  8. Apply for graduation check approximately one year (two semesters) before graduation – online grad applications are available in your student homepage under "other academics." Refer to page 3 of this registration guide for the specific deadline dates.
  9. Finish with an average GPA of at least 2.0 (C):
    • in all courses at all colleges or universities,
    • in all courses at CSUF and
    • in all courses in your major
  10. Count no more than:
    • 36 CR/NC units toward the degree,
    • 30 units of credit by exam
    • 24 units taken through extension (Extension and International Programs); including adjunct,
    • 9 units of independent study,
    • 6 units of internship,
    • 3 units of tutorial courses.


48-49 total units, including:

• 9 units upper division in designated areas B, C, and D
• 9 units in residence at CSU
• Each course counts in only one GE Area, except those meeting Overlay Z, Cultural Diversity


51 total units, including:

• 9 units upper division taken as a junior or senior inareas B.5, C.3, and D.5, or E as needed
• 9 units in residence at CSUF
• Each course counts in only one GE Area, except those meeting Overlay Z, Cultural Diversity

Approved General Education courses FOR fall 2021 and later

For the most current information regarding approved GE courses for your catalog year, please go to https://www.fullerton.edu/general-education/student-info/approved-courses.html 


• Letter grade required
• "C-" (1.7) or better in Areas A1, A.2, A.3, and B.4. A grade of "D" (1.0) or better is required to satisfy ALL other GE requirements. A grade of "D-" (0.7) is not a passing grade.
• CR/NC allowed if it is the only grade option available.


The University requires that all students completing bachelor's degrees demonstrate writing ability acceptable for graduation. To meet the upper-division (e.g., 300 or 400 level) writing requirement, you must pass a specially designated upper-division "intensive writing course" or "thesis course" of at least three units, or pass two or more specially designated "complementary writing courses" for a total of at least six units. 


The University Writing Proficiency Committee certifies the course, or courses, that each major department designates to fulfill the upper-division writing requirement. Departments and programs may specify a single "intensive writing course" of at least three units, which has writing as its primary objective and involves thorough instruction in writing, two or more "complementary writing courses" (for a total of at least six units) in which you are required to write one or more lengthy papers or several shorter ones involving the organization and expression of complex ideas, or a "thesis course" (for a total of three units), for which you produce a substantial written original work or individual research. In all of these courses, you will be given careful and timely evaluations of your writing and suggestions for improvement by your instructor. An assessment of your writing competence will be included in determining your final course grade. You must pass these courses with a grade of C or better. Please consult your advisor to find what upper division writing courses are certified to fulfill the upper-division writing requirement in your major.