All class schedule entries are subject to change without prior notice. Any added class offerings will be reflected in the online class schedule. Cancelled classes will be deleted from the online class schedule and any student enrolled in a class which must be cancelled will receive an email notification at their CSUF email address. The faculty member shown in the "faculty" column of this class listing is a tentative assignment, depending on schedule adjustments required by circumstances during registration.    


When using the online schedule of classes search function, a list of section(s) appears. Select "the section" to see the class details. Under the class details is an area called "class notes" where special information of significance to the student is found. Some classes have prerequisites, while others require permission of the department or an instructor as noted under "Class notes".

If you are selecting one of these courses, be sure that you have met the prerequisites or have obtained the required permission. The fact that you may be scheduled for such a class does not imply that permission to enroll has been granted.


The five-digit code number follows the section number and is listed below the course number. It identifies the class and section of the class you want to take. You register for a class with this number.


The times that classes begin and end are indicated in the class schedule.


  • Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr – Class meets daily except Saturday
    and Sunday
  • Mo, We, Fr – Class meets Monday, Wednesday, and
  • Tu, Th – Class meets Tuesday and Thursday
  • Th – Class meets Thursday
  • Sa – Class meets Saturday
  • Su – Class meets Sunday
  • TBA – Class time to be arranged; see department office
    for details concerning meeting time.


  • CP – College Park
  • E – Engineering
  • EC – Education Classroom
  • GH – Milton A. Gordon Hall (formerly University Hall)
  • H – Humanities, Social Sciences
  • KHS – Kinesiology and Public Health
  • LH – William B. Langsdorf Hall
  • CS – Computer Science
  • MH – Miles D. McCarthy Hall
  • PL – Pollak Library
  • RGC – Ruby Gerontology Center
  • SGMH – Steven G. Mihaylo Hall
  • SHCC – Student Health and Counseling Center
  • UP – University Police
  • VA – Visual Arts


For each course offered, there is a course type.
Lec - Lecture
Lab - Laboratory
Sem - Seminar
Act - Activity
Dis - Discussion
Sup - Supervision


There are four modalities of instruction:

  • Fully Online - Course Instruction and exams are 100% online with no in-person meetings required. Course may include synchronous and/or asynchronous online meetings/activities.
  • Mostly Online - Course Instruction is predominantly online. Course includes in-person meetings.
  • Mostly In-Person - Course Instruction is predominantly in-person. Course includes online meetings.
  • In Person - Course Instruction is in-person. May include online meetings.

Online instruction may be asynchronous, synchronous, or bichronous.

  • Asynchronous

Online instruction, no scheduled days/times

  • Synchronous

Online instruction, scheduled days/times

  • Bichronous

Online instruction, combination of asynchronous and synchronous delivery


The CSU reserves the right to alter course delivery if it is in the best interest of the CSUF community, its safety and its health.



Students can now plan their schedule from anywhere with TITAN Scheduler! Students will be able to find the best schedule with streamlined class searches, visual schedule previewing, side by side comparisons and flexibility around planned breaks. Students can bring multiple schedules up side-by-side and compare options. The schedule planner provides a "Breaks" feature to allow students to block off times they are unable to take class, such as for jobs or athletics. Advisors can now focus on which courses students need to take, rather than the individual times in which to take them, alleviating advisors of tedious scheduling for students. There is a video tutorial in Titan Online as well as additional "help" resources available within TITAN Scheduler. Please note that class schedule information will be available in Titan Scheduler when the schedule is formally released to the campus and will not be available prior to that. Students need to simply access the TITAN Scheduler link from their Portal to begin optimizing their schedule today!



Course syllabi shall comply with UPS 300.004PDF File Opens in new window . Instructors should provide students with an ADA accessible syllabus for each class, preferably by the first day of class and no later than the end of the first full week of classes.

Course syllabi shall give detailed information on the following: (1) faculty information (e.g., contact, office hours); (2) course information (e.g., name, number, description, modality, learning outcomes, readings, materials, calendar of topics); (3) grading policy (e.g., grading scale, exam dates, make-up policy); (4) course assignments (e.g, papers, projects, presentations); (5) procedures in the event of technical problems; (6) technical competencies and resources beyond those expected of all students; (7) required GE information for courses that are GE-certified; (8) required information for courses that are certified as upper-division writing courses; (9) link to the web page with required student information for course syllabiOpens in new window .

It shall be a normal and reasonable duty of each faculty member to provide these materials in accordance with the Fall 2023 Registration Guide 16 outlined provisions and UPS 300.004 The faculty member shall also provide these materials to the department chair or designee for the department syllabus archive no later than the end of the first week of classes.



General Education courses are required at CSUF as a necessary and integral part of your University education.
They are the foundation on which each and every major is built, and have been specifically designed to provide exposure to current thinking and scholarship. Students' success in the global socio-economic climate will be determined by the ability to research, analyze, and apply universally accepted principles in areas beyond those learned in their majors. These courses serve as the stepping stones to a lifetime of personal, professional, and academic growth.



All incoming freshmen are required to take a class that meets the Math GE requirement (B.4) during their first year. Furthermore, incoming freshmen in the following majors must complete the GE B.4 requirement by enrolling in a specific GE math class that is part of their academic major or minor during their first semester:

GE B.4 Requirements
Major Major
Biological Science (B.S.) Engineering Undeclared
Biochemistry (B.S.) Geology (B.S.)
Chemistry (B.S./B.A.) Mathematics (B.A.)
Civil Engineering (B.S.) Mechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Nursing (B.S.)
Computer Science (B.S.) Physics (B.S.)
Earth Science (B.A.) Pre-Business
Electrical Engineering
  Pre-International Business

In order to ensure that students with specific major- related math requirements are able to progress through their degrees in a timely manner, enrollments during New Student Orientation in Math 115 – College Algebra and Math 125 – Precalculus will be restricted to the majors listed in the following table:

Enrollments during New Student Orientation in Math 115 and Math 125
Course New Student Orientation Priority
Math 115 Biological Science, Geology, Pre-business, Nursing, Public Health, and Kinesiology Majors
Math 125 All CECS and CNSM majors; Public Health and Kinesiology Majors

Although Kinesiology and Public Health majors are not required to take a Math GE class in their first semester, they will be allowed to register in Math 115 or Math 125 during New Student Orientation. Once New Student Orientation is complete, the restrictions will be lifted and any remaining seats will be open to students from all majors.


California State University, Fullerton will operate in compliance with the CSU-wide planning approach. Please check the Titan Returns website, for the latest updates regarding campus operations and class delivery in Spring 2024.