Students can now plan their schedule from anywhere with TITAN Scheduler! Students will be able to find the best schedule with streamlined class searches, visual schedule previewing, side by side comparisons and flexibility around planned breaks. Students can bring multiple schedules up side-by-side and compare options. The schedule planner provides a "Breaks" feature to allow students to block off times they are unable to take class, such as for jobs or athletics. Advisors can now focus on which courses students need to take, rather than the individual times in which to take them, alleviating advisors of tedious scheduling for students. There is a video tutorial in Titan Online as well as additional "help" resources available within TITAN Scheduler. Please note that class schedule information will be available in Titan Scheduler when the schedule is formally released to the campus and will not be available prior to that. Students need to simply access the TITAN Scheduler link from their Portal to begin optimizing their schedule today!