• Titan Online is available 24/7. You may register beginning with your assigned appointment and continue accessing registration an unlimited number of times until the end of TITAN registration.
  • You will not receive your registration appointment date/time via U.S. mail. To view your registration appointment, sign onto Titan Online and access your Student Center.
  • The Class Schedule is up-to-date in real-time and available online.
  • Once you have performed any type of registration activity, you should confirm your schedule by printing your schedule from your Student Center.
  • All HOLDS must be cleared three business days prior to your registration appointment.
  • DEADLINES for adding/dropping classes are listed on page 3 of this registration guide.
  • For fee refund information, go to http://sbs.fullerton.eduOpens in new window .
  • Waitlisting is available to all colleges. If a course is full, you may try to obtain a place in the class by getting on the waitlist. As space in the class becomes available, your name will advance on the waitlist. If enough students drop the course, you may be automatically enrolled from the waitlist. Please review "How Waitlisting Works" and "Waitlist Restrictions."



Check your student center in Titan Online for your registration appointment date/time and for any holds on your record. All holds must be cleared prior to your TITAN registration appointment.


Undergraduates are limited to a maximum of 18 units during TITAN registration. Classified graduate students not in a Credential Program are limited to 13 units; special permission from the designated Graduate Program Adviser is needed if a student wants to add more units.  


For newly admitted students, a "one-time-use" 6 digit number Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned to you. After accessing your Student Portal with the PIN, you will be asked to create a password. This password will be used for Student Portal access including registration throughout your enrollment at CSUF. If you need assistance with your username or password, select the "need help signing in?" link immediately below the "sign in" button on the CSUF Portal Sign In web page.


Appointment dates and times for registration are based on class level and on units earned for all participants. The date indicated in your Student Center represents the first date you can access Titan Online to enroll in classes. If you attempt to register before your assigned date and time, you will not be granted access.


Any holds will be listed on Titan Online Student Center. All holds must be cleared prior to your TITAN registration appointment.


If a class for which you have registered is cancelled by the department, you will receive an email notification at your CSUF email address. You may attempt to add another class during TITAN registration on or after your appointment time.


If grading for a course is listed as "Undergraduate Student Option", the course may be taken either for a letter grade (A,B,C,D) or as credit/no credit. If no option is chosen, the course will default to letter grade. Certain faculty designated courses may solely be taken as graded or as credit/no credit. To change the option from letter grade to Credit/No Credit or from Credit/No Credit to a letter grade, use the pull down menu under "Grading" at the time you enroll in the class. Grade option changes can be made online through approximately the second week of classes. The deadline is published on the Registration CalendarOpens in new window


Some courses have course prerequisites (see Class Notes in the online class schedule) which, if not met, will result in you being unable to register for the course or being dropped by the instructor.

Some courses have corequisites (see Class Notes in the online class schedule). You must register for the corresponding corequisite during the same registration transaction. Failure to do so may result in you being disenrolled from the course.

Some courses have test score prerequisites which, if not met, will result in you being unable to register for the course. Refer to the Placement ExaminationsOpens in new window section.



Students can now plan their schedule from anywhere with TITAN Scheduler! Students will be able to find the best schedule with streamlined class searches, visual schedule previewing, side by side comparisons and flexibility around planned breaks. Students can bring multiple schedules up side-by-side and compare options. The schedule planner provides a "Breaks" feature to allow students to block off times they are unable to take class, such as for jobs or athletics. Advisors can now focus on which courses students need to take, rather than the individual times in which to take them, alleviating advisors of tedious scheduling for students. There is a video tutorial in Titan Online as well as additional "help" resources available within TITAN Scheduler. Please note that class schedule information will be available in Titan Scheduler when the schedule is formally released to the campus and will not be available prior to that. Students need to simply access the TITAN Scheduler link from their Portal to begin optimizing their schedule today!