If you want to register in an independent study course, you must obtain written approval from the instructor and the department chair using the appropriate university form. During the semester, you and the instructor shall prepare a study plan and submit it to the department chair, or designee, for approval. The approved study plan shall be kept on file in the department or program office and shall include a statement of the basis for final evaluation of the independent study.

You may not take more than six units of independent study at the undergraduate level in a given semester or apply more than nine units of independent study toward completion of the undergraduate degree. If you are a graduate student, you may not apply more than six units of independent study toward the completion of a graduate degree unless written approval is obtained by the appropriate college dean.

Lower-division students normally enroll in Independent Study 299, upper division students in 499; and graduate students in 599, respectively. Independent study courses may be repeated.



Earn course credit while gaining practical experience related to your major by registering for an academic internship or service-learning course. Check your department for requirements and prerequisites. Be sure to start early (sometimes a semester ahead), especially if an academic internship is a graduation requirement for your major. Many placements are available at businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies at locations throughout southern California and opportunities may also be available out of state or overseas.

Experiential learning opportunities are high impact practices that allow students to expand their knowledge, apply theories and skills learned in the classroom, prepare for successful entry into the job market, and develop as socially responsible citizens. Participating in high impact practices like internships and service-learning can keep students on track for graduation, and prepare them for meaningful careers. Additionally, academic internship and service-learning courses offer opportunities for students to:

  • Build your résumé / portfolio
  • Gain work and service experiences
  • Network and develop industry contacts
  • Earn academic credit
  • Solidify academic and career goals
  • Possibly earn money while learning
  • Explore various career options within a major
  • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility
  • Become engaged in your community and the issues that matter to you.

To learn more about the opportunities available within your major, contact your department of study or visit the CICE website at www.fullerton.edu/ciceOpens in new window . You can also call us at (657) 278-3746.


The stop-out policy allows undergraduate students and postbaccalaureate unclassified non-credential graduate students to be absent for one semester and maintain their continuing student status. This includes election of catalog requirements for graduation and eligibility to register for the next semester. Disqualified students, foreign visa students, students on leaves approved for more than one year and students without approved leaves who are absent for more than one semester must apply for readmission should they wish to return to Cal State Fullerton. Service members who are called to active duty or deployed should check with veteran's certifi cation at (657) 278-2373.





A leave of absence may be granted based on certain documented extenuating circumstances and normally is granted for not more than one year. Students must be in good academic standing and must have completed one semester at this university. A leave of absence is not granted in order for a student to return to a community college to take coursework for financial or academic reasons. An approved leave of absence authorizes the student to return without reapplying to the university and continue under the catalog requirements prior to the absence. Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate unclassified graduate students on approved leaves of one year (two academic semesters) or less are eligible to register for the semester immediately following the end of the leave. Complete and submit the Request for Leave of Absence online by Census Date for the semester the leave of absence is being submitted.



Graduate degree or credential students may be granted leaves of absence, up to two consecutive semesters, which maintain their place in the university and in degree or credential programs (i.e., they do not have to reapply following the leave). A leave of absense granted to a degree objective student also preserves the election of curriculum rights regarding catalog requirements. However, a leave of absence granted by the university does not extend time limitations imposed by the state for completing specific credential requirements nor does it extend the time limit for completing the master's or doctorate degree.

In the case of non-approved breaks in enrollment, reapplication for admission to the university and to the chosen degree or credential program will be required. A place in the degree/credential program or in the university will not be held for the student in these circumstances.

Forms for requesting a leave of absence are available on the Graduate Studies website: fullerton.edu/graduate. Students must have completed at least six units toward the degree or credential in residence at this university in order to qualify for leaves of absence. Leaves of absence must be submitted before the first day of classes.