Preferred First Name


What Is a Preferred First Name?

A current student may prefer to use a first name that is different from their legal name.

Why a preferred name?

Students may want to have this first name appear instead of their legal first name in class rosters. The university allows them to do this by setting a preferred first name.

Setting a Preferred First Name

 Use the campus portal to set your preferred first name online. Preferred first names can be updated   at any time and changes will be reflected in university systems that support preferred names within 24 hours. Preferred name is currently using in class rosters, Canvas, and TitanCard for students.  Students may choose to print preferred first name to display on their diploma starting Fall of 2023. 

Please note that legal names will continue to be used for certain university records, documents, and business processes where the use of a legal name is required by law or university policy. A few examples include financial aid documents, and transcript.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can any member of the CSUF community set a preferred first name?

At this time only currently enrolled students can set a preferred name.

Can I set my preferred first name to whatever I want?

Yes, but the university reserves the right to remove a preferred first name if it is used for an improper purpose such as for fraud or misrepresentation. The university also reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language. 

Can I use my preferred first name for everything at the university?

No. Your legal name will continue to be used in university processes that require the use of the legal name, such as for payroll records, student transcripts, and diploma.

Can I change my email to be my preferred name?

If you would like to change your email to reflect your preferred name, you must submit a ticket with helpdesk at or call 657-278-8888.  Please note that your username and email will change and you may need to save or migrate emails, detailed instructions will be sent to you after you submit the ticket. Your email can only be changed once per year.

What about my ID card?

Your preferred name can be reflected in your Titan ID Card. As long as you update your preferred first name through Titan Portal, you can visit the TitanCard office located at the Pollak Library next to the circulation desk to request your ID card. 

Can I change my pronouns with the university?

Yes, use the campus portal to set your pronouns online. You will be asked to list your pronouns in sections categorized as: Subjective, Objective, and Possessive. If you use one set of pronouns you can list each pronoun accordingly. For example, if you use “he” pronouns you would input “he” as the subjective, “him” as the objective, and “his” as the possessive. If you use multiple pronouns then the subject, object, and possessive categories can be disregarded and you can list your pronouns in the order that best suits you. For example, if you use both “she” pronouns and “they” pronouns, you can list “she” as the subjective and “they” as the objective, and leave the possessive blank. Additionally, if you use multiple pronouns and have more preference for one pronoun over others, we encourage you list that pronoun first in the subjective category. Pronouns can be updated   at any time and changes will be reflected in university systems that support pronouns within 24 hours. Examples of such systems include class rosters, Canvas, and PeopleSoft.

How can I reflect my legal name change with the university?

You may now use the online document submission page to change your name ( You will need to submit a marriage license, divorce decree, approved court-ordered change of name, valid passport, certificate of citizenship, or a signed social security card with the new name to change your legal name. 

What about resources related to first name change and pronouns?

To learn more about preferred names, pronouns, and why they’re important, visit for more information and resources. We encourage you to connect with the LGBT Queer Resource Center and email if you have further questions.