Preferred First Name


What Is a Preferred First Name?

A current student may prefer to use a first name that is different from their legal name.

Why a preferred name?

Students may want to have this first name appear instead of their legal first name in class rosters. The university allows them to do this by setting a preferred first name.

Setting a Preferred First Name

Use the campus portal to set your preferred first name online. The preferred first name will be reflected one semester following the request. For example, if the request is made Fall semester, a preferred first name will appear in Intersession or Spring semester class rosters.

Preferred first names can only be changed once per year. For example, if a preferred first name change is effective Fall 2016 and a new name is requested, the name will not take effect until the following year which would be Fall 2017.

Once established, preferred name will be used across university systems, where possible. Legal names will continue to be used for certain university records, documents, and business process where the use of a legal name is required by law or university policy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can any member of the CSUF community set a preferred first name?

At this time only currently enrolled students can set a preferred name.

Can I set my preferred first name to whatever I want?

Yes, but the university reserves the right to remove a preferred first name if it is used for an improper purpose such as for fraud or misrepresentation.

Can I use my preferred first name for everything at the university?

No. Your legal name will continue to be used in university processes that require the use of the legal name, such as for payroll records, student transcripts, and diploma.

Can I change my email to be my preferred name?

If you would like to change your email to reflect your preferred name, you must submit a ticket with helpdesk at or call 657-278-8888.  Please note that your username and email will change and you may need to save or migrate emails, detailed instructions will be sent to you after you submit the ticket. Your email can only be changed once per year.

What about my ID card?

Your preferred name will not be reflected in your Titan ID Card. Your Titan Card is a state issued identification card that can be used as proof of legal identity and employment verification for those who do not have other forms of picture ID; therefore it requires a legal name.