Any fees for the services that Records and Registration provides will now be added after processing. Please fill out and scan the appropriate form and if there is a charge associated with that service, we will notify Student Business Services to add the charge to your (the student’s) account. These fees will be due two weeks from the day that the fee gets posted to your account.  Failure to pay any university-issued fee can result in a diploma/enrollment hold.

Catalog Year Change Requests

Please send scanned requests to

Change of Majors and Minors

For currently attending students wishing to add, change, or drop any majors or minors, please use our online form found here. If you are declaring your first major and were previously undecided, changing your concentration or emphases, or adding your first minor, these require no fee. For all other changes of majors and minors, the $10 charge will be added to your CSUF account to be paid within two weeks. Please see above for those deadlines.


Please note: Newly admitted students must wait until the first day of the Fall semester to request a change of major.

Grade Changes

Grades may now be changed online for most active students! For information on submitting grade changes online, please see the Grade Change Guide for Instructors. Departments who need to submit grade changes for courses over a year old should send them directly to Scanned signatures are now accepted.

Leaves of Absence

Please go to Request for Leave of Absence.

Name and SSN changes

Please go to Secure Document Upload to submit changes.


Petitions along with their supporting documentation can be scanned to The petition fees will be added to your CSUF account to be paid prior to the start of the Fall 2020 semester.


These are ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse