Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix issues on my TDA?

I have already taken a class that fulfills a certain GE or major area, but it's not showing up in the right place.

  • Misplaced or unevaluated GE courses: contact the Academic Advising Center, UH-123, (657)278-3606.
  • Misplaced or unevaluated major courses: contact your major dept and your major adviser can send a Titan Degree Audit Exception Form if necessary.
  • Missing transfer coursework or other issues/questions: contact the Titan Degree Audit Office at

My major requirements are listed incorrectly.

  • Please note that major requirements are based on your degree catalog year.

    See your major adviser and request him/her to communicate any modifications to the Office of Admissions and Records by sending a Titan Degree Audit Exception form. Once the TDA staff has entered this information, your TDA should reflect the change(s) the next time you run your TDA. (Modifications to your major may include course waivers, substitutions, equivalencies, and/or adviser-approved courses.) If your adviser is unable to access the TDA Exception Form, please have them send an e-mail to