Leave of Absence / Stop-Out Policy

For GRADUATE AND CREDENTIAL STUDENT leave of absence, please go to: Graduate Studies (click on the link for "Graduate Forms and Documents").

Undergraduate and Second Bachelor Students

What does Stop-Out policy have to do with my request for a leave of absence? Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate second bachelor's students who need to be absent from the University should first make use of a stop-out semester before seeking to use the leave of absence policy, as explained below.

Important - Are all students elgible for using the Stop-Out policy?

Not eligible for a stop-out semester:

  • Academically disqualified students
  • Foreign visa students
  • Graduate students
  • Credential students
  • Students who have been on an approved leave of absence for two semesters or more cannot add a stop-out semester at the end of their approved leave period in an effort to extend their period of absence from the university.

Stop-Out Policy

  • pertains to Spring and Fall semesters only (Summer Session and Intersession do not count as terms that are a part of the stop‐out policy)
  • no form to fill out (can be non-enrolled for one semester)
  • must return to enrolled status in the semester immediately following a stop-out semester
  • registration information will be automatically available for the term following stop-out
  • can be used more than once, but not for two semesters in a row (students are not permitted to use stop-out policy for consecutive semesters)
  • cannot be used the first semester you are admitted to CSUF

Example: (please note: Intersession and Summer Session do not pertain to stop-out policy)

Spring 2009 Fall 2009 Spring 2010 Fall 2010 Spring 2011 Fall 2011 Spring 2012


On Stop-Out

Must Enroll (or request Leave of Absence)



On Stop-Out

Must Enroll (or request Leave of Absence)

WARNING: If the student does not enroll in the semester immediately following a stop-out semester, the student is discontinued and must apply for readmission to Cal State Fullerton should the student wish to return as a matriculated student.

Leave of Absence

If the student has used a stop-out semester, but still needs to be absent from the university, the student can submit a request for a leave of absence if the reason for the request is one of the circumstances listed on the leave of absence request form that follows these instructions. Leave of Absence requests are reviewed and can either be granted or denied.

When submitting a leave of absence request:

  • Make sure you first make use of a stop‐out semester (if eligible to use stop‐out, as explained above)
  • Make sure the reason for your leave request is one of the reasons listed on the form
  • Complete and sign the 'Request for Leave of Absence' form
  • Attach documentation as explained below.

Documentation for a Leave of Absence request - It is important to provide appropriate documentation for your leave of absence request:

  • An attached statement from the student describing the reason for requesting a leave of absence is not considered documentation.
  • Documentation must be from a source other than the student to verify the reason for the request (example: verification letter from a health care provider, military orders, study abroad contract, etc).

If your Leave of Absence request is submitted without any documentation, your form will be returned to you without processing. The form can only be resubmitted when appropriate documentation is attached.

Download forms and instructions:

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