Incomplete Policy FAQs

All Students

Revised 09/03/13

  • 1. If the student receives an 'I' (incomplete) in a class, should they sign up for it again to finish the class?

    No. Completein a class in which the student currently has an 'I' does not involve registering for the class a second time.
  • 2. What happens if a student signs up again for a class in which he/she has an ‘I’?

    The system will not allow the student to re-enroll in a course in which he/she has an ‘I’ until the ‘I’ has either been changed by the course professor to a letter grade, or the ‘I’ has automatically converted to an ‘IC’.
  • 3. What is an ‘IC’?

    An ‘IC’ means “Incomplete Charged” and is equivalent to an ‘F’ in the GPA calculation. An ‘I’ converts automatically to an ‘IC’ if the student has not fulfilled course requirements in the two semesters (one calendar year) that immediately follow the semester in which he/she was assigned the ‘I’, whether or not the student is enrolled at CSUF during those semesters.